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About Us

One of CT's longest-running live trivia game experiences!!!

What is BaR Rated Trivia???


BaR Rated Trivia is a weekly live hosted trivia promotion that focuses on building a base of regular players/customers in your establishments. Teams of 1 to 6 people compete by playing through our quiz; not just for prizes, but for the fun they have while doing it! And this isn’t because they used their phones or are playing a video game, but because they were able to step away from their regular lives for a few hours and enjoy the company of their friends in a great setting.


Our games are produced in-house and have been based out of Hartford, CT since March of 2010. Since then, we’ve grown to over 20 locations a week in the greater Hartford and Western Massachusetts areas. Wonderful partnerships with other local businesses (such as breweries, movie promoters, bakeries, ski shops, video game retailers & more) have also continued to be a backbone of our games, by adding more “free shwag” for the teams to win!!!

When do we host the games?


Games are held weekly at your location. We typically start signups on the hour, and begin the game at half past. 8 pm is the average start time, as we like to look at ourselves as the filler to the end of the night at a bar. 

How does the game work?


BaR Rated Trivia consists of 5 rounds, with 5 questions per round. The points go up as the rounds go up, and each round is a different category. The 3rd round is always an “Audio Round”, which is a musical montage with themes like ‘TV Theme Songs’, ‘Name That One Hit Wonder’ & ‘Cover Songs’. The final round, known as the “Bonus Round Phun Tyme”, allows teams to win or lose points before the completion of the game. Prizes are given out to the teams with the top points, and fun other gifts are provided for some of the other teams as well. The game itself takes about 1.5 hours.

What can you win???


Each week the smrtst teams will win great prizes including gift cards from the host location (to be used during a future visit), shwag from our sponsors and other fun items! Plus, we host monthly raffles at select locations where you can win even bigger GRAND PRIZES!!!

​Who are the hosts???

Not just anyone can host a BaR Rated event. We take our time to find only the best individuals to put on our weekly events because you're supposed to have phun when you come out to play!!! And they've all been at it for a while, and have been in front of crowds before. 

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