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In mid-March of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic Bar Rated Entertainment (BRE) was forced to cancel all “BAR RATED TRIVIA” events, our long-running live pub quiz games which have been enjoyed by many throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts since debuting in Hartford in 2010. We called this style of game “Analog Trivia in a Digital Age” because of its use of pens & paper being passed around, a practice that obviously isn’t 100% safe and sanitary for both players and our hosts alike in these days.

However, we at BRE decided to “pivot” our look on trivia and came up with a new form of fun that is both entertaining and safe for all to enjoy during these troubled times. We call it HOT FINGERS TRIVIA, a live hosted quiz game where you play on your own device and answer questions quickly to beat the time and earn more points. So now we have “Digital Trivia in a Quarantined Time” for all to safely enjoy!!!

And the best thing about HOT FINGERS TRIVIA is that you can play it anywhere in the world during our Facebook Live & Zoom show broadcasts!!!! Can’t get any more socially distanced than that, right??? Keep an eye on our social media for announcements of upcoming themed games this fall/winter and you can always email us at as well to set up your own private virtual game with us!

The popularity of our online HOT FINGERS TRIVIA games has been so great that we have once again been able to “pivot” and host live games at restaurants & breweries. And the fact that our game concept is 100% contact-free has us more than comfortable with knowing that our events are as socially distanced as possible. And with these events, we are proud to be working with our restaurant & brewery locations to help safely build back up their in-house business as the state restrictions gradually are decreased.

For our events, we at BRE are strictly following all the Connecticut and Massachusetts COVID-19 guidelines. To see these guidelines, the links to each are here: &

Each of our restaurant & brewery locations also has its own COVID-19 safety guidelines and we at BRE are committed to following them as well. This includes us hosting our events primarily in their outside tented areas. And when events are held inside, we set up with plenty of space as well to properly maintain social distancing.

However, please be advised of the following guidelines that we ask of our hosts and any player who comes to participate at any live HOT FINGERS TRIVIA event that is hosted by BRE:

- Even though we are totally contact-free at our HOT FINGERS TRIVIA events, all BRE hosts are instructed to wash and sanitize their hands throughout the event.

- If a BRE host is not feeling good they will not host any events until they are feeling better. We are also lucky that our entire staff has been healthy throughout this entire pandemic, but in the event of anything serious due to COVID-19, we will follow every step and procedure possible to stay safe.

- BRE provides a QR code at all game events for players to scan with their own devices and join the game via a web link. We ask that only one person per group handle this device while participating and encourage all party members to also join on their own device so individuals can read the question without having to huddle together.

- Masks are mandatory at all live HOT FINGERS TRIVIA events while players are not seated at their table. BRE hosts are always required to wear a mask when not located at their area and while setting up and loading out of the event. If you need to ask a question or approach the host, please make sure you are also wearing a mask and are socially distanced from each other.

- While you cannot sign into our HOT FINGERS TRIVIA game as a “team”, you can sit together and answer questions together as a group. However, please try to limit team sizes to 5 players and plan to split up into 2 or more tables if you plan to have a larger group.

- Prizes at all HOT FINGERS TRIVIA games are generally gift cards that are provided by the hosting location. Since we encourage everyone attending our events to use their own devices while still playing as a group (or “team”), BRE awards the top prizes to the top-scoring tables.

- And of course, if you yourself are sick or not feeling well, we ask you to refrain from attending our live events for the health and safety of our players and hosts. But do not worry, because we still offer live hosted online games to keep you entertained while you are on the road to recovery!!!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns then please feel free to reach out to us! We are a small business based right outside of Hartford, CT who is doing everything we can right now to survive while still trying to entertain you all! So please feel free to reach out to us as we are always available to answer your call:


Robert Goldberg – Founder & CEO

860-463-4555 (cell)

We are all in this together and we at Bar Rated Entertainment are so happy to have the opportunity to share our new HOT FINGERS TRIVIA game concept with you all!!! And do not worry, BAR RATED TRIVIA is still alive and well and we have a contact-free way to play in the market now!

We also support all other pub trivia games, musicians, DJs, paint night hosts, and any other entertainment provider who has had their business decimated by this pandemic and would love to offer our help if needed.



Rob & the BRE Team

(Updated on 8/23/21)

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