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Meet the BaR Rated Team!!!!

Bar Rated Trivia - Rob Goldberg

Rob Goldberg, Owner, Content Producer & Podcast Host

A former "The Rock" 106.9 WCCC-FM radio personality & Hartford area beer rep, Rob has been setting up entertaining trivia events at restaurants & bars since 2010. He's a loving husband, father to 6 awesome kids (2 dogs, 2 cats & 2 birds) & avid outdoorsman who also lives to put on a show! Catch him weekly on the BaR Rated Podcast and when he's filling in at one of your favorite BRT locations!!!

Bar Rated Trivia - Sarah Wadsworth

Sarah Wadsworth, Director of Marketing & Events

Sarah "Wadsy" has never seen any movies you have seen, so don't ask her any movie trivia questions. And if you want to book a private trivia event, contact her right away at! When not trainin' brains,  Sarah's hanging with her pets Patsy (chihuahua) and Sage (black double-pawed kitty), going to brunch, making some art, jamming on the guitar, eating rabbit food, watching true crime shows, hiking, on the SUP, and practicing her most favorite activity of all - YOGA. If you like Sarah as a trivia host and you like yoga, see her in a whole different light by attending one of her yoga classes in the Farmington area. Check out for more information. NAMASTE bi**chs!!! #trivia #yogaeverydamnday  

Bar Rated Trivia - Brett Berry

Brett Berry, Director of Sales & Trivia Host

Long Island born and raised. Gift of Gab. Avid gamer. I also throw baseballs. Jack of all trades, but a master of none.  Passionate about music, family, entertaining and the New York Mets. Not particularly in that order. You can find me training brains Monday through Thursday all across Connecticut.    

Bar Rated Trivia - Matt Grant

Matt Grant, New Haven Area Manager & Trivia Host

Matt has been hosting with BRT since 2017. He is a writer, actor and video editor who has worked and performed in Connecticut, New York City, and Washington, DC. An avid movie and music fan, you can often find him in some of New England's finest concert venues and movie theaters when he's not out hiking or biking (or hosting trivia games). 

Bar Rated Trivia - Dave Lovelace

Dave Lovelace Writer, Graphic Design & Trivia Host

David C. Lovelace has been on many musical and artistic adventures since making his debut as an esteemed Bar Rated Trivia host in October, 2017. He is perhaps best known at large for creating "Retarded Animal Babies," a vanguard webtoon hosted at and Ebaumsworld since April, 2003, while interning with BRT's own Rob Goldberg at Hartford's own 106.9 WCCC radio station around the same time. You can currently find him slinging a keytar around Connecticut in his 1980s tribute band The Future Heavies, and creating meme-tastic content for his Facebook page "Cat Lazers." 

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